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    This consultation is closed. 

    Our Process

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    Continuity of Care is an essential component of patient-centered care. Test results that are delayed or missed, limited physician availability and accessibility, receiving care in an uncoordinated manner, and transitions in care all create the potential for breakdowns in continuity of care that may negatively impact patient health outcomes and the quality of care provided.

    In 2016, the College embarked on a project to develop new policies relating to continuity of care and to revise the current Test Results Management policy. As part of this process, preliminary external consultations on both the topic of Continuity of Care and on the current Test Results Management policy were held to solicit feedback from stakeholders. We have also recognized from the outset that health system level factors that are beyond the control or influence of individual physicians may often influence whether or not continuity of care can be achieved. However, many continuity of care issues are within the control or influence of physicians and we have focused on setting out expectations related to these elements of continuity of care.The College’s recommendations regarding broader systems issues will be set out in a separate ‘white paper’ at a later date.

    In order to set out expectations pertaining to continuity of care, the College has developed a ‘suite’ of draft policies. The suite is comprised of a foundational Continuity of Care draft policy, referred to as the umbrella policy, as well as four companion draft policies that set out expectations regarding: Availability & Coverage; Managing Tests; Transitions in Care; and Walk-in Clinics. Notably, the Managing Tests draft policy is a revision of the College’s current Test Results Management policy.

    Each draft policy within the suite can be found at the links below, along with a ‘primer’ document containing information on the background and key expectations of each policy:

    Draft PolicyPrimer
    Draft PolicyPrimer Draft PolicyPrimer Draft PolicyPrimer Draft PolicyPrimer

    More information about this project and an overview of the research and feedback that informed this work can be found in the May 2018 Council Briefing Note. Please note, the draft policies being consulted on differ slightly from those in the Council briefing note due to direction from Council.


    We want to hear your thoughts…

    We welcome feedback on any or all the content within the suite. If you are providing written feedback through the discussion forum, email or regular mail, it would be helpful if you could indicate which draft policies you are commenting on. The online survey is structured in a manner that allows you to choose which draft policies within the suite you’d like to answer questions about.

    In recognition of the importance of this work and the breadth of the project, we have extended our usual 60 day consultation period to approximately 6 months. This consultation is closed. 


    Next Steps

    The College is committed to ensuring that the suite of Continuity of Care draft policies reflects current practice issues, embodies the values and duties of medical professionalism, and is consistent with the College’s mandate to protect the public. The feedback obtained during this consultation will be carefully reviewed and used to evaluate each draft policy within the suite. While it may not be possible to ensure that every comment or suggested edit will be incorporated into the final policies, all comments will be carefully considered. Final decisions regarding policy revisions are made by College Council. Once the suite of draft is finalized and has been approved by Council, copies of the final policies will be posted on this page as well as the College’s website. To ensure transparency, the College will post all consultation feedback in accordance with our posting guidelines.

    We value your feedback and thank you again for participating in our policy review and development process.

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