Joint Consultation – Preliminary Consultation – Closed

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    This Consultation is now Closed. 

    Our Process

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    The College is undertaking a combined consultation on the following three policies:

    1. Anabolic Steroids, Substances, and Methods Prohibited in Sport sets out expectations of physicians regarding the use of anabolic steroids and other substances and methods for the purpose of performance enhancement in sport.
    2. Female Genital Cutting (Mutilation) sets out physicians obligations with respect to female genital cutting (mutilation).
    3. Fetal Ultrasound for Non-Medical Reasons  sets out expectations of physicians with respect to ordering and performing fetal ultrasound.

    The purpose of this consultation is to assess whether these policies are useful to physicians and members of the public, to identify whether there are other resources that physicians and members of the public consult for guidance on these issues, and to determine whether there is value in the College providing guidance on these issues.

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    Have Your Say

    In particular, we are interested to know:

        • Have you consulted these policies?
        • Do the policies provide useful guidance?
        • Is it important for the College to provide guidance on these issues?

    This Consultation is now closed 


    Next Steps

    The feedback received during this consultation will be reviewed and presented to Council for consideration.

    We value your feedback and thank you again for participating in our policy review process.