Proposed By-Law Amendments: Transparency Project – Phase I

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  • Proposed By-Law Amendments

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    The College is seeking feedback on draft amendments to the General By-Law that, if passed, would permit the following physician-specific categories of information to be added to the College’s online public register to enhance transparency.


    In August 2012, the Executive Committee of the College gave support for a multi-phased initiative to review and assess the College’s practices in relation to transparency. In particular, the Transparency Project will consider and assess various ways in which the College could increase transparency with respect to physician-specific and process information that is made available to the public on the College website.

    The first phase of the Transparency Project is primarily focused on accessibility of information and public education. The goals of this phase are to improve the:

    • accessibility of information not currently available on the website;
    • comprehensibility of information contained on the public register through effective public education on the College website.

    The following proposed changes are consistent with the goals of improving access to information and public education and are discussed in more detail in the attached document. The addition of the physician-specific information would involve the passing of by-laws. Accordingly, draft proposed by-law amendments for each of the physician-specific categories of information are also included:

    1. transfer of records;
    2. notices of hearing (for CPSO discipline referrals);
    3. hearing status of discipline proceedings; and
    4. reinstatement decisions.

    In addition to the above physician-specific information, staff is also exploring adding to the website generic explanations regarding interim suspensions, aggregate data and descriptions of various processes for both the public and physicians.

    Next Steps

    The College’s Executive Committee and Council will carefully consider your comments before making any decisions about the proposed by-law. The College will consider the extent to which your suggestions or comments represent the expectations of the profession, and are consistent with our public interest mandate. If, after consultation, the by-law is passed by Council, notification and a copy of the finalized by-law will be posted on the College’s website.

    This consultation has now closed.