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    This consultation is now closed.

    Notice of Consultation

    The fees bylaw pertaining to the QA program requires updating for three reasons:

    • the fees have not been changed since 2000,
    • there is reference to an assessment program that no longer exists in the amended QA regulation, and
    • there is reference to courses no longer offered by the College.

    As part of our consultation process, we invite feedback on this document from all stakeholders, including members of the medical profession, the public, health system organizations, and other health professionals.


    The current Fees and Remuneration By-Law sets out a number of program fees, including the following QA program fees:

    • For assessment and evaluation through the Quality Assurance Committee:

    (i)$1,400 for a peer assessment or re-assessment; and
    (ii)$3,700 for a Physician Review Program, whether an initial evaluation or a reevaluation.

    Please note: These changes will not impact members who are:

    • selected for initial assessment based on Committee-approved criteria
    • required to undergo an initial peer assessment based on information provided from another area of the College
    • required to undergo a first peer re-assessment

    Physicians required to undergo a second or subsequent peer re-assessment are required to pay the fee.

    The College does not charge physicians for their first assessment because the program is intended to be educational; the first assessment may identify opportunities for improvement and the second assessment confirms that the physician has accepted the feedback and improved his/her practice. If the physician did not take the opportunity to improve and a third assessment (second re-assessment) is required, the Committee felt that the physician should pay for the costs of that assessment.

    Cost of Peer and Practice Assessment

    There are three types of assessments: peer assessments, the majority of which are random or age-related, changing scope of practice assessments which are more comprehensive than a regular peer assessment and specialties assessments which, although small in number, are the most comprehensive.

    The cost of each type of assessment:


    In considering how to structure the fees by-law, the following option is proposed:

    As with IHF and OHP assessments, fees should include costs to conduct the assessment, review the assessment, monitor compliance, and administrative costs.

    This allows the Committee to respond to changes to costs over time as they increase (or decrease) and not have to amend the bylaw each time and is consistent with the way the fees bylaw for OHP and IHF is structured.

    The formula for the fee calculations will be posted on the CPSO website with clear information about all the components. The by-law would be similar to the by-law for OHP and IHF program fees:

    • For the College‚Äôs quality assurance program, the costs to the College of completing an assessment and re-assessment authorized by Regulation 114/94, including but not limited to costs relating to assessors, the review of assessment reports, preparation of written reports, monitoring compliance with conditions, and any administration fee charged by the College.

    This consultation is now closed.