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    This consultation is now closed.


    The Advisory Group for Regulatory Excellence (AGRE), a small group of health professional regulators, has developed draft transparency principles to guide regulatory college discussions about making more information publicly available. The AGRE includes the Registrars from medicine, nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, optometry and physiotherapy. The purpose of the AGRE is to consider and collaboratively address significant regulatory issues.

    The CPSO is asking our membership and the general public to provide feedback on these draft transparency principles through this open consultation. We will then communicate to the AGRE.

    Draft principles

    In developing the draft transparency principles, the group had several objectives:

    • To focus on principles only, not to develop detailed guidelines, a ‘how-to’ manual or a decision tree
    • To keep the number of principles low, with good rationales and supporting evidence
    • To strike a balanced tone, one that demonstrates openness to transparency, as well as a thoughtful, careful approach and recognition of the strengths of the existing legislative framework.

    The purpose of the draft principles is to guide future decisions about making more information available to the public.

    The principles are meant to relate to both information about individual health care providers as well as broader information about processes and aggregate outcome data.

    In reviewing these principles, we ask commenters to consider the following questions:

    1. Have we achieved a good balance between public protection and fairness/privacy?
    2. Have we left out any significant issues in regards to regulatory transparency?
    3. What other factors should we consider when it comes to the principles of transparency?

    This consultation is now closed.