Practice Management Considerations for Physicians Who Cease to Practise, Take an Extended Leave of Absence or Close Their Practice Due to Relocation – Discussion (Consultation Closed)

Posted on May 31st, 2016

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11 Responses

  1. Physician

    There is currently no time line provided for sufficient notification about intent to cease practice. Should there be a minimum or maximum time frame for notification? Clearly this does not apply in cases where the cessation of practice is sudden and unexpected. Three months seems reasonable when predictable. With the shortage of family physicians current and anticipated to become worse, there will soon be no one to hand over patients or records.

  2. Physician

    In CPSO’s home page, in the doctors search section, there is no place for the public to find out if doctors who accept new patients, in a particular city or town. In doing so it would be much easier for patients to find a new doctor. Also easier for the retiring physician to tell patients to visit the CPSO’s web site in order to find a new doctor. This feature was available in the past from the CPSO but not anymore. Why?

  3. Physician

    Dear Sir/Madam

    There are many reasons for leave of absence or temporary “cease of practice”.(including the many Physicians representing Canada overseas) For you to try and “over extend” and regulate them is rather “over reaching”. (and raises the Colleges fees)
    It would perhaps best be if you simply ask them if they are “licensed” and up to date in their Jurisdiction instead of penalizing them.
    When we come back we would obviously follow local regulations and licensing.
    Most of us are practicing and continuing our learning.
    You have already lost a number of Canadian raised and trained Physicians. You are pushing more and more away.

  4. Physician

    When a physician decides to close his practice but wishes to maintain his/her licence, there should be a specific classification for this and a reduced fee structure. The physician may choose to re-enter practice at a later date or choose to do limited scope practice such as occasional OR assisting or locum coverage.

  5. Physician

    Many family physicians who are planning to retire have years of practice experience that should not be wasted.
    They should be encouraged to continue to see patients on a graduated scale with colleagues who find it difficult to replace them. They can work as vacation replacements without e.g. being responsible for hospital or house calls

  6. Physician

    The framework of regulatory burden on physicians seems to be ever increasing. There are clearly issues in terms of physician responsibility to patients, continuity of care.
    There should be thought given to the following on the part of the regulatory authorities.
    1.A clear time line of notification of intent to cease practice.
    2. Help for patient’s transition and transfer of care to other physicians or alternative options.
    3. What to do in an emergent situation when a physician drops dead suddenly?
    4. Guidelines to make the system easier to navigate and less onerous to physicians on their last legs.

  7. Physician

    Quick feedback on your ‘practice management considerations for physicians who cease to practise….’ consultation questions.

    As a physician who just left Ontario to work in Newfoundland (voluntarily I should add), I have kept my full CPSO license active even though I am not actively working in Ontario. I’m keeping it open so I would have an easier time returning or if the right setting arose, do a locum or two.

    My suggestion would be to have a special discounted membership price for members who are not active in Ontario. It’s a bit bothersome to have to pay almost 1800$ for a membership which I’m not actively using. I’m likely going to not renew my membership next year for this exact reason.

  8. Organization

    Response in PDF format.

  9. Physician

    There should be two separate policies for physicians who are suspended versus who cease to practice due to other reasons, e.g. relocation, medical reasons, death.

    The policies should clearly differentiate between the physicians who cease to practice due to a disciplinary action from those physicians who cease to practice due to personal and/or family reasons. I am personally facing investigations from several state medical boards in the United States of America because the CPSO did not make this distinction and reported my cessation of practice (which was due to family reasons) under ‘suspended, restricted, revoked, etc” to the medical boards in United States of America.

  10. Organization

    Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario
    Response in PDF format.

  11. Organization

    College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan
    I read with interest your policy statement #2 -07. It is well written and comprehensive. I have two comments:

    Although you have mentioned that it might be prudent for physicians taking shorter leaves to take some of the steps or all of the steps outlined, I would see it as important in order to avoid similar problems during shorter absences. Also I question why there is no expectation of an ongoing relationship in “walk-in practices.” In areas where there are not enough physicians it is likely that care is being provided on an ongoing basis even if it is episodic and I question why a lesser standard would be expected of these practices.

    Thanks for the opportunity to comment.

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