General By-Law Amendments (Consultation Closed)

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    The deadline to provide feedback is August 12, 2016.

    Our Process

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    The College is proposing a number of formal edits to our General By-Law. The proposed edits fall into two main categories:

    1. Revisions intended to reflect College practices, and
    2. Corrections and minor improvements in language.

    View a PDF of the proposed changes.

    The amendments above are proposed so that the applicable by-law provisions better reflect current College practices. These amendments do not propose new information to be posted; they reflect information that is already being included on the register.

    We wish to hear your thoughts on the proposed amendments. Please leave your comments on the discussion page, or email us directly.

    Next Steps

    The College’s Executive Committee and Council will carefully consider your comments before making any decisions about the proposed changes. The College will consider the extent to which your suggestions or comments represent the expectations of the profession, and are consistent with our public interest mandate. If, after consultation, the proposed changes are passed by Council, notification and a copy of the finalized General By-Law will be posted on the College’s website.

    To ensure transparency, the College will post consultation feedback responses on our website, in accordance with our posting guidelines.
    Names of individual participants will not be posted, however the names of organizations will be posted. Check our website for further detail about our consultation process, and to view a copy of our posting guidelines.



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